Zykfrid- Dangerouse

Zykfried (a child from another country)

Zykfried (a child from another country) becomes president in the PF and conducts his policy in the following way: rapes or terrorizes / seizes or tortures people at one of each remote point from their presence and thereby causes the assistance of other states from which he asks for help and so most peeping, copying or removing from them their own technology, thus increasing its potential when it comes to help (if it comes from neighbors) - it takes from the neighbors, too, the child and by the same methods conducts an information slug andu, that this is the work of the same party on which he is and thus the neighbors go to the region where he himself is (this zikfrid). But in the event that this scoundrel does not get out - then he can either say that he was abducted by force from his native territory and that territory also sees (according to information from various sources - perhaps even witnesses and victims) the same oppressed child , meaningĀ that this is the work of the party on which Siekfried is located, which implies that they will come to this territory to find out the circumstances and thereby support this zikfridu, but if support does not come for some reason, the only chance to escape from the villain - is to destroy the very place where he lives by any methods - the easiest way is economic .. In this case he remains clean and quietly leaves home.

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