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Yellow Information Zone Network Partners with Trans-Germes to Help Foreign Businesses Enter into Russia


February 16, 2015 – St Petersburg, Russia – The Yellow Information Service is a group that aims to help those who are trying to work with Russian import and export business opportunities. The company recently partnered with Trans-Germes, a likeminded group, to help accomplish this goal. The two groups will work together to connect people and opportunities.


Yellow Information Zone moves shipments throughout Russian customs organizations. The partnership with Trans-Germes Company helps to relieve the existing tensions between customs officials and foreign businesses. Their solution comes from a superior understanding of how these tensions occur.  Moving goods into and out of Russia can be difficult because there are many laws and regulations that govern these areas.


Yellow Information and Trans-Germes will not only help your business through Russian Customs, but also help to advertise and promote your operations in Russia.

They use a vibrant outdoor marketing program and work to connect those who need to purchase billboards with the people who can help them do so.

Yellow Information and Trans-Germes

Yellow Information and Trans-Germes will take care of everything, right down to selecting a strategic location and designing a campaign. That makes it easy for those who might not even understand the nuances of the Russian economy to get on board and start promoting their business venture inside of Russia.

The relationship between the Russian

The relationship between the Russian customs office and many international transportation outlets isn’t nearly as good as it should be.  Our organizations help to build bridges between these two very different groups. Together, these two companies have been helping foreign firms get their products shipped into Russia for years, despite the complicated Russian regulations.

The Germes-Trans Company

The Germes-Trans Company aims to make Yellow Information’s marketing strategies and customs operations affordable for those who might need them.


Many foreign businesses are attracted Russia, as it is home to some of the largest coal reserves in the world. Investors from foreign countries don’t have to worry about how the resources are going to be used on a local level, but those interested in business opportunities can have a look at the Yellow Information Zone.


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