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Today is a rainy day on June 5, 2018 and I decided to sit at home for a while to rest and dream about the fireplace. Unfortunately, my sick head, as always, did not bother me, and I decided to climb into this e-web called the World Wide Web and see what was happening on germes-trans.com. Well, as always there is a lot of stuffed information about this and that, and more precisely, the task was to write a couple of letters to various instances, from which I would like to get an answer.

So if someone else does not know – the company Germes-Trans Com in my face decided to do one at a glance interesting service Compact Post Service (more about it – you probably will be able to find something on the Internet in particular on this site though. … AND THERE IS ABOUT THE MAIN! On the site germes-trans.com as I said at the moment there are several pages about the service of mail delivery of letters, but that’s what embarrassed me – you can find pages as such as three pieces, but if look at url addresses, then the two addresses are identical as though they are not in the expanded form look differently …

And that’s what embarrassed me – I decided to contact the developer of this data publishing system wordpress org, which is used by some, including many foreign and Russian companies, as well, but I never found any official props or documents for this developer company and in my opinion as a result of which the data on such sites are not protected and can be modified according to an absolutely unforeseen scheme, just as it was noticed on this site …

I do not know how you now see this site and how it looks, but at the moment it has two identical url germes-trans.com/post, which contain different content.

In general, as I understood for more serious business management, an official software provider will be required to undertake the protection and protection of the information that is placed on the site for the successful operation of any commercial or non-commercial company.

If this article is read by at least one of the officials of the developer of the CMS of the WP system – please contact for the conclusion of a contract for the use of this system and for the establishment of further business ties.


Moreover – u can`t insert word “president” automaticaly into url:


president library - don`t stay at url word president!



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