Unacceptable peapls

Interest mind


Such unflattering and disturbing consciousness rumors are heard that some communities where adult uncles work mainly in the place of their respect, which in my opinion in the main mass if you look at them and represent a model of behavior with the possibility of predicting the results of the development of a situation, the result it turns out desperately factual. In general, I wanted to write about what I see in this only that in certain situations in a particular area I will not mention it due to the delicacy of my thought obtained in the vicinity of this community that these communities receive their development by absorbing one form or another respect, while gaining the opportunity to evaluate and compare it.


With the further transfer of this respect – to the hands, established in advance or in part, nomenclature units with the subsequent assignment to this unit of responsibility which is incommensurable more and more dangerous in view of the impossibility of linking any actions of the mechanism after its fulfillment of several stages of development in one direction or another, applying the new forms received, which were absorbed in the circumstances preceding it, issue this mechanism as a marriage, thus writing off all sins and responsibility for it, leaving In this case, outside the center of attention.


High-level samples


But the proposal in the light of the above may look like this: if you are outside the range of your esteem far from those most disturbing rumors, in carrying out certain works due to the high attention paid to high-level samples, those who are far from the range are forced to receive this attention with a significant delta in relation to the specified territory, which brings to insignificant but very tangible influences on everyone and leads to the stratification of the very pie about the sweetness of which everything is possible so I dream .


And now, if you take up the matter with due attention and respect, that in addition to the “forbid forbidden” memo, you will have to take into account one more principle – “get down to business – answer”. Well, in general, it’s still remembered that ignorance of something there does not beg you from responsibility. Well, the point is that it’s easier to live honestly and if someone is at risk, then if you do not feel it, then do not rely on the fact that everything around you is a fool, and immediately conduct an open exchange.



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