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Companies that import to Russia need a very fast turn around time. We checked out Germes LLC and found them to be ace in the scheduling department.


Anyone struggling with transportation in Russia might want to have a look at the precision services that are offered at The organization is one of the top players in the Russia transportation market, and that’s because the company is topped off with experts. They have them distributed throughout the domestic port structure, so there are plenty of convenient locations to work with them at.


Convenient Germes Services

Transportation in Russia might confuse those who work outside of the country, which is why Germes LLC has clearance options from all over the world. They’ve even developed something of a timetable for different locations:

= Eastern and Central European goods in 5 days

= Western European goods in 9 days

= American, Canadian and Southeast Asian goods in 36-45 days


In addition to this, the company has air connections that can deliver goods in only 2-3 days.


Central Excise Customs (CAT) consumption tax offices located in Northwest ensure that products get cleared the right way. Customs posts in the Baltic and St Petersburg work with customers to keep clearance times down. Regardless of whether road, rail, air or maritime transportation was used, goods arriving in St Petersburg will be cleared through on time.


The company also offered Russia transportation product certification options, which is nice for those who have to move specific goods. Customers with certain special needs can generally get in touch with an agent with little difficult, so those who were otherwise concerned shouldn’t be.


Free Consultation Information


Those looking to import to Russia should certainly get in touch with the company. Individuals who contact them about scheduled deliveries and clearance of commercial goods can do so free of charge. The company will provide estimates as well as information about the most favorable conditions at the time. By monitoring different ports the agents are able to find out when it might not be a good idea to enter the country a certain way.

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