Transport Value-Add and More

The New Germes-Trans has a single goal in mind. To be one-stop shopping for Businesses that rely on the Transport of Goods and Services.

in many parts of the World moving Goods and Services around is costly and difficult. Even in the most developed Markets, the ultra-fast paced and ever-changing Competitive Market have both exposed holes in the Distribution Models and increased the negative impact on Businesses. Consumers and Businesses want what they want and they want it now.

And they rarely are satisfied settling for less.

This has opened up vast new opportunities. It has also made an already complex Competitive Landscape even moreso. Major Corporations have known for at least several years that their old reliable Business Model of simply being big and allowing their economies of scale and their range and scope to do the heavy lifting in creating Brand Loyalty doesn’t work anymore. And worse for them, Businesses of any size can now compete Globally. There are no more natural dominant Companies. Even the largest of historically secure are now exposed in ways that have proven impossible so far to account for.

For many, Business comes down to managing the massive cash supply, the largest in History, and trying to stay ahead of the Competitive Forces chasing them down. It may have made Stock Market Indexes look good. But those dizzying numbers are not built on the backs of calm Businesses. The nervousness in the Debt and Equity Markets is more than well founded.

On the other end of the scale, Small Businesses have recovered not just from the Recession, but also from the tight Lending Market they faced as Banks chose to move all those record cash supplies to the largest Companies instead. They’ve done this by various forms of Peer-to-Peer Lending and other creative ways of financing. This has made for a Global Small Business Community that in so many ways is far stronger than it ever was before the Global Economic Collapse.

They did it on their own and as anyone with serious Business Experience can tell you, ultimately, that makes for stronger Companies. It also makes for highly resilient and adaptable ones.

Again, more trouble for the largest Multi-Nationals.

Big or Small, Germes is building the portfolio of Products and Services to help any Company reach heights long thought unattainable. We’re taking the new Competitive Global Marketplace and not just embracing it. We’re putting it on turbo chargers. Our plan is to push that Marketplace harder than it’s ever been pushed.


In short, we’re telling those Hyper-Markets…”Now see if you can keep up with us,”

We hope you join us.


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