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Transport and Broker Service


The fact is that with international or inter-provincial transportation there are about a million challenges and difficulties that you have to be concerned with: safety, timeliness, security, border-crossing, climate differences, and much more.


The challenges of transportation are often enough to make it a huge problem when it comes to making significant shipments, whether they cross borders or not. Certain areas are more challenging and costly to transport through, there are officials and rules that you have to worry about, all while remembering that each shipment is strictly on the clock, with high overhead.

This is why having a specialized transport broker or logistics agent can be such a huge advantage in the market, because it provides you with a whole range of expertise, resources, and capability to ensure that you have the most reliable, timely, and secure shipments wherever they need to go.

This is what we are trying to do for you at the Germes-Trans Company, to provide you with the support that you need to get the perfect transportation logistics.


Border Custom Container Service

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