Transport and Going Green

We are on the verge of a New Industrial Age, which spells a coming boom in Trucking, Shipping, Marine Services, Transport, Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics. In an era where concern for the future of the planet is becoming so important to so many, this is a major issue.

Because these Industries are among the largest in energy consumption, greenhouse gases, carbon footprint and all the latest hot button issues of ‘Greenies’.

In the US, electric trailer trucks are just hitting the market but are already attracting huge interest. Solar power for everything from Manufacturing Plants and individual equipment in them to transportation systems bringing workers to the plants is becoming a big reality. Electric turbines for cargo ships, solar power and even wind power are waves of the future in Marine Services.

Shipping brings more pollution than cars and provides one of the greatest opportunities for impactful changes. We’ll be talking about many of those changes here.

So stick around as Germes becomes a major voice in changing the Transport Energy for the new Era.


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