TOP SECRET – Infonsmition

Greetings to all the citizens and the military, I have a donkey meeting with a few people who fertility that they hear voices in their heads and GNH with them, and the obshhavshhis with these information messages came to mind that with some technology Negotiations between continents are carried out in which a wave is made on clouds or the sun by long-range radar, and when the signal passes, the signal arrives directly in the sun, and in case, if the man spends a long time in the sun and especially looks at For a long time, it is possible to receive an electromagnetic wave on which various services from different continents are communicating. What is more, these continents have come to know that by threatening these people with a brain attack that poses a problem and is not solvable on all sides, they represent different characters that put you in the fertility and you, because you are threatened. Danger (In my case, I hinted that I’m kidnappeded or robbed) I have to think about this problem, and the chapters of the manuals of this Mozhel decision fertility copy using the technology to remove information from the human brain and simply put this The task that has been accomplished (possibly even at the state level) by its employees and thus the citizens are enslaved and those who have been subjected to such abuse simply cannot get a job or think about their problem, and people are just fleeing and trying to Resettle, or as in the case of numerous people, in the hope of getting rid of it, the Kashmara resort to suicide. I don’t know about the defenders of the fatherland, but in my case, I am extremely indignant and as I have demanded the permission of this fertility and compensation moral, physical, economic and other forms of damage. I officially declare that I am willing to give 40 per cent to the heads of state who will see this environmental catastrophe take measures to investigate and protect my interests and to collect all Penati.



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