To New Beginnings

I’ve known Alex for numerous years. I’ve watched him work hard to make Germes a Global Leader in the Shipping, Transport and Associated Services Industry. And more.

Most of you have no way of knowing this, but Alexsey has an enormous heart. Always ready to jump in to help out a worthy cause when there’s nothing in it for him but that it’s the right thing to do.

That’s why, when he asked me to help him build a new beginning for the Company he worked so long and hard on, I could not say anything but “Yes”. Because that’s what Alex says whenever someone needs help.

This has been a different sort of re-start. There’s no secret this is a difficult times in relations between Russia and the “West”. But I’m convinced the answer is working together more. Not less. I’ve spent the last few months getting things lined up among my various Enterprises so that I could say this.

My “Personals By Brandi” Products Lines and my upcoming Show, “The Brandi Show” is committing $200 Million (US) to the building of the new Germes. That’s how much I believe in this, Alex’s dream and how important I think it is for better relations worldwide.

And better business for everyone.

Thank You and everyone have a great year.


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