The New Marketplace

Our new Marketplace is now running. Anyone can now open their own Storefront right here.

So what are the advantages?

To begin with, Germes-Trans is a Transport, Shipping, Distribution, Logistics, Customs, Border Services and Logistics Company. That puts us in the best position to get Products where they need to be, when they need to be there and cost effectively. But there’s so much more.

We’re building a Global Television and Radio Network, along with 1000s of dedicated websites, email, SMS/MMS services and Marketing, our own Studios, Graphics, Voice-over and other Creative. As Content becomes so critical to Sales and Marketing, we have the content for every platform and Market. We also have the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

Among our portfolio of businesses, we have Sales and Marketing personnel in every Country and most Territories Worldwide, along with nearly every City of significant size. It’s broad, it’s skilled, it’s knowledgeable, it’s diverse and not only has the Relationships with Consumers and Small & Medium-sized Businesses, it has them locally. As Companies around the World are trying to find ways to “personalize” their Sales & Marketing efforts, we actually have the personal connections.

As recent numbers show, $2.5 Trillion in lost revenues, including over $750 Million in the US alone, in 2016…with larger losses expected for 2017…all due to Consumers angered over “Big Data” Strategies, the intrusiveness of these approaches costs money.

We are building up everything a Business needs to be successful anywhere. We have over a million qualified technical and other Personnel, waiting at the ready to make your Business work. (That’s in addition to our massive Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Force)

From Product Design and Development to Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and complete Order Processing and Fulfillment, we are your one-stop shop. And when it comes to Manufacturing, we have Manufacturing Resources capable of building to order across a wide spectrum of Products and Categories. We can design it, build it, support it and ship it.

And soon, we also will be able to Finance it.

Join us. Germes-Trans will be a big part of the success story of your Business.



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