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Russian history about how an ordinary person from transport business tries to assert his rights in the Russian reality.


Here is one not particularly respectable story that smacks of absolutely abominable shit about how an ordinary person is trying to defend his rights in the Russian Federation and thinking about why a Russian does not have any rights to powerful and foreign personalities who can proudly wear their title ” the citizen! ” prompted me to write this article especially in light of the fact that I have been thinking for a long time why I do not dare to have children in this forgotten by all the hole. And how it all started well and you never remember, since all my life as I recall, I suffered from everyone and especially from my parents what is called humiliation and oppression of one’s rights, a murderous attitude towards one’s personality and a harmful attitude through coarse education and inadmissible in civilized society by assault during their childhood and adolescence.


So I came to the conclusion that it is against the law to produce offspring in this hole and in the following lines I will tell you this horrifying story about the most interesting of the most secret weapons in the Russian Federation to counteract the development of man as a person and, in connection with this, the development of the economy (by the way about this – you can see one more note about the able-bodied population and its relation to the work and the forces that can be applied to this)

Copies of official court of law documents

Below I will give you several documents that have been received officially by the appropriate authorities and can not help but excite the mind, as everything is said here and if analyzed, then you are convinced that more than that!

Here is the envelope, which was received from the October Court (I will not comment on the data – I’ll just give these documents on this page)


Alt: Coulr of law cover 19 04 2018 Mokichev A Germes-Trans com 001

Caption: Coulr of law cover 19 04 2018


Alt: Court of law cover notice 19 04 2018 Mokichev Germes-Trans com 2
Court of law cover notice 19 04 2018 Mokichev owner of Germes-Trans com establish 2005
Alt: Court ruling Mokichev A Germes-Trans Com 001
Court ruling to Mokichev A owner of Germes-Trans Com since 2005 year
Alt: Oktjaborsky distr court determination to Mokichev A Germes-Trans com 001
Oktjaborsky distr court determination
Alt: Determination of court Mokichev Alexsey owner of Germes-Trans Com 001
Determination of court  of law Oktjaborsky, St-Petersburg, Russia
Alt: Stattement to court of law St-Petersburg Fm Mokichev Alexsey owner of Germes-Trans.Com est 2005 year old
Stattement to court of law St-Petersburg fm Mokichev Alexsey


Note from court of law

Post Notice to Mokichev Alexsey:

Russia Human & Business Rights

A little more information along with my emotions can be found on this page about the life of a person trying to engage in transport business in Russia and hoping that he can rely on the court  in resolving emerging life situations and protecting rights

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