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All welcome, I Mokichev Alexey, 1979 – the city of Leningrad, most recently re-installed the site of the company Hermes and in between while the company

телекинез и бизнесс

Hermes trance has ended its existence in the market and by that time when she began to give some new beginnings of life in the form of this site, I came to some thoughts. I pondered on this topic for a long time thinking something something prompted me someone someone guided me by some kind of supreme power; I still believe that there is no Lord God but there is a Supreme power that is to unite all people

– if we all unite there and, in principle, you can probably turn the planet even without any support point. So, I reflected on the topic: “What to do in Russia What business” at a time when there was a crisis When the dollar from 35 rose to 60 and my thoughts went to the plane of psychology understanding such diametrically opposite approaches in the life of Russian reality and solar countries. Why are the countries that are already called the sunny country outside Latvia, because even on the plane you take off literally in an hour and a half you are watching As you fly out of the cloud of darkness and get to the space where the sun is shining. I thought – I wondered where the economy would go and how it would turn around and something that prompted me to such concepts as “Aggression”, “Telekinesis”, on Youtube I saw a video that a person communicates brain to brain with the help of vibration. There is a lot of aggression in Russia …. aggression that comes from an undeveloped individual because the individual of Russian reality is not allowed to express himself everywhere, a license for a quota is required, some large-scale investments and, frankly speaking, some kind of global approach. To build a company with the fact that according to the latest data in 2017 there are more than 400 raider Captures registered (this is certainly tens of times less than in previous years) – nevertheless they are present and this is also alarming because of the legal basis and first of all, aggression is present in all spheres of the vital activity of citizens in abundance. Everyone who is interested in this topic and who thinks about it I invite you to think together, to exchange opinions, it is possible to ask some authorized persons: “How does this all grow?” Maybe our electronic army will tell us something about the radar which the thread there troops can be something to tell us if it is certainly not a secret. And of course I want to say hello to all those involved in telekinesis. The only thing that I heard about them is not so much and without getting fully acquainted with these people I can not judge this science as some kind of leading or leading to some kind of development of the economy at least nevertheless advanced. I wish everyone happiness. I also invite you to talk about the development of Russia in the Russian Federation, business in particular Hermes transcom company, which, as I want to recall, is looking for a web master who has certain tasks and vision of how we want to develop and also has an understanding of how to monetize the company

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