Russia and the World

When Alexey asked me to help rebuild Germes, I didn’t hesitate. It’s a Company that should be proud of its history. Now it is becoming a Global Force and the future of Germes has never been brighter. My own product transactions tops 2 billion a year and growing with no end in sight. Germes was an ideal fit.

But noone can deny that Russia has been in the news for a few years now in ways no Country would or should want. This hasn’t stopped me from continuing to build up relationships across Russia. By one Media Monitoring Organization’s count, I am a “High Level Influencer” in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Indonesia and several other Countries. But tops on their list is Russia. By their measurement systems my “influence” in Russia is slightly higher even than in the US. I can only guess that’s more a factor of my continued work to build relationships there than anything else.

That’s the faith I’ve had that Russia will continue to be important on the World Stage.

So what can be done to assure that and improve? To my thinking it begins and ends with the Russian People, some of the World’s most determined and in many ways, some of the World’s kindest. Russians seek fairness. They seek openness. They seek respect, mutual respect. Above all, they seek peace with all Nations.

We will help empower the Russian People and Russian Businesses to work smoothly with peers across the Globe. Like all Countries, Russia has some who seek to place their own interests and agendas above that of the People. I’m not concerned. My faith is still with the Russian People and their wishes to live in harmonious relationship with all others.


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