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Custom Clearance Services | GERMES-TRANS.COM Review


We looked at various custom clearance services to see which ones outperformed the rest. Our reviewers liked what Germes offers to those who need passage.


Considering that most customs clearance service organizations only offer customers brokerage, it was hard not to fall in love with Germes right away. The site will offers content in Russian, English and simplified Chinese, which is nice when working with importers around the world. The different business options were what impressed us the most, however.


Services Germes has to Offer

On top of regular custom clearance service provisions in the Baltic and the St Petersburg area, Germes provides a number of other low cost options as a result of the connections that the company has. They offer very flexible terms on each of them too as well.


The company is known for their custom clearance services, but they’re also notable for:


= A full range of delivery options

= “Door to Door” international shipping connections

= Provisions throughout all of Russia

= Logistics programs

= Customs officials in St Petersburg

= Product certification

= Product insurance

= Commercial goods clearance

= Favorable conditions measurement

Contact is always important when working with this type of service. Fortunately the organization provides an email account right on the front of the page, and it didn’t take particularly long for anyone to get back to requests sent. This suggests that staffing is ample and ready to take customer requests at any time, which is vital when dealing with freight that might be seriously hampered by some kind of time restraint.

Dealing with Customs Problems

By far one of the most serious problems with working with customs clearance service solutions is what might happen if freight is misplaced or lost. That’s why Germes offers insurance and tracking packages. In fact those who have had some sort of shipping delays or mistakes might want to get in touch with the company, since their trained agents and logistics experts can take care of the types of day-to-day problems that plague the international trade industry as a whole. It’s much easier then maintaining an independent personal staff, and less expensive as well.


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