Putin, Rossia & professor

Today 12/12/2017 and I learned that a professor who constantly does not let me sleep – it turns out that people’s thoughts are based on the vibrations of the computer and how I suspect another technique and puts into consciousness the thoughts about which people should think and break over them their head and consciousness – this of course is really a discovery for me that I live in such a country where no information it is impossible to disassemble and think about your personal life and how your body feels better, the fact that my body lives and does not understand why I live so badly, but it turns out my brain is overloaded with information that I absolutely do not need and I am provided with it in any ways this information was contained in me and could be grown up by a criminal or any other member of society who can be controlled especially if you do not hear what is happening on the radio. I am absolutely in a sober memory and a firm mind, I assure everyone that I am against – categorically against – such a boorish treatment of my personality and demand a trial!



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