Personals By Brandi

We’re launching a whole new world for individual and institutional shopping…Personals By Brandi.

The Personals By Brandi line takes full advantage of our unmatched global resources and capabilities to transform Commerce. From cosmetics to cars. It’s not just personalized. It’s personal.

Personal care every step of the way.

With our Personals By Brandi line of products & services, everything comes exactly how you like it. And without that “stalker” feel you get from Companies who take all of your personal data so they can try to make you feel like they know you. We don’t do any of that.

Never before has online shopping been so safe, so secure. And so personal.

And because of our enormous manufacturing resources, we can even extend Personal By Brandi products & services to Companies through our OEM services. And we can do something for those small businesses that noone else can.

We can maximize their efficiencies while still being able to provide the best products & service. Besides our Global Sales & Marketing force and our Manufacturing capabilities, our Global Transport Services allows us to circumvent the typical time and logistics problems. No longer are Companies faced with the choice of speed or price. Or of maintaining large inventories.

Many years went into the making. Our New Media development, which allows us to deliver our own content platforms, including Television and Radio Shows and Networks, began almost 10 years ago. Nearly as long went into building our Global Sales & Marketing force. Our Manufacturing capabilities were built up over 8 years. As well as our product development capabilities. And our Transport Division? It was founded in 2005.

We have the experience, the capabilities and the reach…like no other.

Welcome to Personals By Brandi. Together with the Germes-Trans Distribution Network, we’re changing what People think about the limits of personal style and personal service.



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