Greetings to all, I’m Mokichev Aleksey Valerievich, born 1979, Leningrad, Russia, today decided to write and publish an article about one entertaining idea – to be more precise, copyrights and in general the rights of developers and people who could bring their ideas to the industries and other sectors economy of the Russian Federation, which seems to me to be of interest to me and probably already studied by everyone, but nevertheless it seems interesting to me .. Not so long ago, maybe a few weeks ago the idea came about – why not implement one idea related to ra which could be organized directly on its own behalf (or rather from its name – Mokichev), yes, it’s over, I already have one project of one international transport company, which I try to develop with all my strength for more than ten years , and yet faced with the idea how many people can be under the same name in Russia, I ran into difficulties. This, of course, is not an economic or technical problem at this stage, although they also worry me, but most likely the legal subtleties of this project related to the registration of the domain name and the protection of their rights, both intellectual and copyright, because any citizen with an identical surname may require how I intend to suspend this project or have any complaints about this domain name, and also, although I have not yet been interested in the domain registrar with whom I usually work , can people who have an excellent last name from my domain register or have any claim to me after registering it if they have the same surname. In general, I have not yet explained this question to myself and so far it’s scary to do it .. If you had or have some kind of talk about this issue, I’d be happy if you share it with me. In any case – I invite all web developers and programmers to mutually beneficial cooperation both over this and other projects.


Mokichev Alexey Valerievich


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