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I here as always am afraid of idleness in this country and have casually stumbled upon such problem which will interest probably many of users of such popular services as which provides services of storage of access to all popular sites and programs if registration by means of login and the password is necessary , you can also store in it, of course, others as your own and corporate data and mail service in the Russian domain zone, which I have known for a long time and the limitation period of my box is more than a decade, although and this service can only be specified for not more than three years – why this is done – I still do not understand. In any case, I grabbed the problem very uncomplicated and was even a little upset and frightened for the safety of my passwords, the opportunity to work without time with my projects and for possible economic losses in case of large-scale commercial use of these services. Let’s start with the fin pass-service – convenient – everything is absolutely clear, as they say – is protected by the SSL security certificate and even encrypts data on the service information when working in it. The fact is that I came up against the need or even more likely to say that I wanted to change my login from one e-mail address to another with the same master password and encountered a huge trouble in the form of inability to access my account. ==. In general, having thought, having thought and decided that it’s all the little things in life – I decided to go the standard way and ask for a temporary password to fix the error that was sent to my mailbox located on the mail ru service, and here I met another ambush already from the service itself delivering e-mail messages, which also used the login and password stored in the service lastpass and then I really got really bumped up – because if I do not enter my mailbox I can not access the service where the passwords are actually stored from it, I found out, as in general, everything and make this treasured button “forgot password”, but here I was expecting a completely unexpected surprise! There! When requesting a password change! On your mobile phone! Who is attached to this system! And to which you send SMS with a temporary access to your account! you should enter as a respectable user of captcha from the Latin numerals and letters – well, you certainly know this =). So – it does not work !!! Even if you try several times with different browsers and IP. And here in Lastpass – wrote a letter to the support team, I hope that they will help .. Only for a long time it all happens .. If you have some kind of the company – it’s probably necessary to review and discuss the terms for responding to calls and errors when using this service.



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