Jehovah witnesses

Greetings to all,
today, faced with one problem that almost brought me to a state of psychological exhaustion and moral exhaustion, I decided that it was necessary to publish this post, especially since different signals from the media are coming from information about the media that it is impossible not to comment or fear, because when you are in the his apartment or room and you hear about what is happening in your city all day and you can not understand what kind of device is it that hangs directly to your ears and can even answer your questions It’s no wonder and lose your health and go to the point where you take your things and run wherever your eyes look, because no doctor or psychologist, medical institution or health organization will tell you about any ailment in which your brain produces any kind of disease, or sounds that can be identified as human informational speech, and the matter is in the most modern metropolis – the city of St. Petersburg, which is one of the Russian Federation.
And I chose the title of this post not by chance, since there is a very interesting information about which you just have to shout at all – this is the so-called church of Jehovah’s Witnesses … And so, as these same media say, these people who are like they call themselves adepts of this church are engaged in very unhealthy things in which already intervened as I became aware of the servants of the power structures in particular high-ranking persons who can not even in a terrible dream of themselves or their leadership prize nat that with them this happens! And when a person starts to hear various information without the presence of any sound-transmitting or reproducing apparatus and never at the same time did not mean that it is possible, it is no wonder that his neighbor, brother or co-worker may not even understand his problem with which he stumbled ..
So, it became known to me that there exists such equipment that uses the old technology and not even the technology, but certain types of frequencies that since the World War have been banned for use and yet. So if someone had such a horror that they started talking to you and persuading you in something or annoying their conversations right under your ears, or telling about any Gods – call urgently to the Moscow Department of the FSB and another couple numbers or their friends or their friends and whatever they think – tell us about this, so that these records of conversations are preserved, at least at the mobile operator or answering machine of the services of the State bodies, since you have radio broadcasts and you can declare your rights and defend the inviolability of your personal life on the vital activity of which it can affect in the most unpredictable manner.
I certainly turned and even recorded to the recorder for about an hour of such radio talks so as not to be unfounded and I am sure that the experts will understand the noise and everyone will be able to identify.
And the most important information about which I would like to share is very striking news for me, although I did not surprise her with the materials on the Internet – this is what these very witnesses of Jehovah are doing – and according to information from open sources – they are implicated in many trials and are engaged in testimony and testimony in various legal proceedings in order to confirm or animate a person to whom pressure is being exerted for the purpose of certain motives. So – these people who usually knock on your apartment and insistently and kindly invite you to buy some literature from them trustingly look you in the eye, but when giving testimony in court they receive information on the radio signal right under your ear and repeat what they broadcast on the radio, and they can not say anything on the merits of the matter and do not even know what they are talking about – their goal is only to testify that they either did not see or are aware of any points in the case on which they were summoned as a witness, and esl and ask them to repeat what they just said – they smile and only do that they mostly say yes and yes and they can not say anything else, but people come to the church as I heard them on those or other reasons were left homeless and suffered some psychological shake-up and can not understand what they are doing there.



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