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Few things about Russia economic situation & emplouments

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As always I am engaged in development and I think about my project – the international transport company Germes-Trans.Com for cargo transportation, but I periodically shudder at some information from which there is no place to hide – the one from which does not come the desire to calmly rest and work, and against the background of one my cry of the soul, followed by a statement to the police, which was never considered after one month, although a little calms the fact that we live on the basis of law and international law – I am writing now about the sore and the question of how I imagine I am modernizing objects, the system and the conditions in which disputes and disagreements between contractors are resolved, as well as convicts are kept, as well. there is a saying that the one who deals with customs clearance or international transportation goes one way – prison. And now about the system that forms and uses this mechanism, I hear a lot of different statements over the last time and decided that the problem of fools and roads in Russia is not the most important, but only a part of it ….

First a couple of excerpts from the Internet:

“The situation returns” special status “to the untouchables in the army environment and extends their powers – right up to the control of the political loyalty of officers.”

“With the appearance of the above-mentioned decree, the position of a military counterintelligence officer can change significantly.The duties of a special person now include not only combating the intrigues of intelligence services, but also suppressing the activities of individuals that are detrimental to the security of the Russian Federation.If the latter concept -” damage to security “- is interpreted broadly, client “of the counter-intelligence in principle can turn out to be everyone.” In itself, the specialist machine of universal qualities has not lost: as before, it is capable of “sewing to the business” and an extra glass, and the drunken open It is easily installed to “eliminate negative phenomena in the army environment,” which is always simply attributed dissent. “As before, it is ready to control the mentality in the troops (for example, an officer’s career may be affected by this observation: “seen in unauthorized contacts with the press.”) It would be someone to dispose of, while “no one has the right to interfere in the lawful actions of security personnel in the troops” – neither the army command, nor the police, nor the prosecutor’s office. ”
“Specialists” are even formally employees of the FSB, rather than servicemen, which revives in full the system of political control over the army ”

Here is another excerpt from the Internet:

“Pressed the Specials”

“the father of a policeman found dead in a car, voiced a version.In the words of the man, the deceased Major Yevgeny Lyubchik complained that the security service requires performance indicators by harsh methods”
End of quotations.

So – the question of which I was thinking about concerns not only civilians, but also legal persons of politicians and people who expressed their thoughts in one form or another (and this is the right under the Constitution of the Russian Federation, article 29 “Everyone is guaranteed freedom of thought and the words.” )

And then against the backdrop of all this I hear I have accumulated some statements and information from open media:

So there is such a department OSOBISTY – they are like you already could read or who do not obey. And as I learned, a very interesting mechanism turns out: Specialists do not obey anyone and have the right to influence a person, a citizen, whether he is an ordinary unemployed person or even as the first person in the state understands. That with such authority, naturally – this is the most “tasty morsel” of our country, which is always in sight of our neighbors. After all, if you want to start to influence or regulate, let alone change the state of the Russian Federation, then there is nothing better to get the location of these people in one way or another, which, as far as I heard, do not particularly advertise their presence and activities so as not to ” customers “for sin.

But when conducting any operations or actions, and even more large-scale – these officials are subjected to testing, but this leads to another problem – the conditions and conditions of places of detention of citizens who have violated the law. The media says that if the state starts to conduct any large-scale activity (which is indicated in the contract of legal entities with counterparties as an irresistible force), then the special department is behind and hear how the same convicts are used to solve the tasks, but if the convict does not fulfill of the task, he can be deprived as he understands his most valuable – life, and now thinking about his future and thinking in advance about what would be nice to “lay straws” in case of applying international or estno rights with a negative outcome for staff or managers of its resurgent after years of interruption in the transport company, I bothered to experience and drew attention to the principle of quality and fulfill their responsibilities of managers and employees.

Here is what picture it turns out – in our country in which I was born and lived up to my age, no matter how I would ask or persuade, the staff motivated – nevertheless, it basically works slower and not willingly, without much enthusiasm, but if to draw attention to companies outside of our country (I mean those countries and companies that want to focus on the achievement of financial results) then for some reason the employee seems to me to fulfill his duties with the best indicators such as the attitude towards the buyer , Result-oriented, understanding the mechanism of interaction within the total structure, and awareness.

And the sources of disinterest in Russia can be precisely because of the availability to low-cost software products, business process automation systems, standardization within this information environment of communication with clients and counterparties, convenience of providing and analyzing the level of labor effort and accounting information, as well as the influence conditions of detention in places of serving sentences of convicts for certain crimes and their subsequent influences on efficiency and profit, trying to join the society and overcoming their psychological and physical barrier with some residual experience prevailing in the environment in which they arrived.

And if you consider that these people can disappear in the course of certain actions without any justification for which I have already mentioned, there is a situation of disinterest or indifference to the sanitary, legal and other norms in general of the system that regulates the norms and human rights in the Russian Federation.

But from a psychological point of view – as it seems to me after some analysis of the focus on the result and how the employee relates to the fact that one must perform his work and achieve the set result, but as they say: the Russians do their work by 80% – they miss 10% it is necessary to perform at the beginning and the same percentage at the end of the task-oh, given the information that in other countries there is a contract army in which they teach how to achieve the task in the films to the end and to my knowledge even animat public office only after the successful completion of military service, as opposed to the country where I live, it can be represented in general about what attitude to the work of the employee is experiencing and its performance indicators.

It turned out some dull thought with which I wanted to share and if there are willing, as well as the company’s staff, please leave your comments. Maybe we will see a more effective way to help each other to achieve the best financial result of their activities.

Success to everyone and try to be happy!

Mokichev Alexsey Owner of Germes-Trans.Com Sine 2005

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