Germes and Caribbean Rebuilding

Germes-Trans embraced the Illumine Project early. While Germes has gone through significant changes since we’ve come full circle, with Germes still an important piece of Illumine’s enormous goals.

1st up on the list will be rebuilding efforts in the Caribbean. Illumine and the Black Bears Care Force have undertaken a major role in helping the Island Nations of CARICOM and across the Region to recover from the tremendous battering the storms gave them and come out stronger than before.

This will be a long and difficult endeavor. Some Islands have been left nearly uninhabitable with one completely abandoned. Even in Puerto Rico, half the People are still without power and other basic needs. Everything needs rebuilt, from housing to infra-structure. And the Shipping, Transport, Distribution and Logistics expertise of Germes-Trans will play an invaluable role in assisting this monumental effort.



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