Fleet Expansion And Other New Developments

Between the commitment to help rebuild in the devastated Caribbean Islands and the demands for distribution of our growing product Lines, a quick expansion of our fleets is needed. this includes both cargo ships and aircraft.

For this year, we’re doing this with used equipment, which happens to be available at good rates. We’re buying 12 new cargo ships and possibly more, along with at least 30 cargo planes. Next year we’ll be looking at upgrading the fleets with electric powered ships that include solar assist technology.

Developments on my electric vehicle line are already being extended to recreational boats, which we’ll be rolling out later this year. Step by step, all of these new developments will help truly modernize shipping and the Aircraft Industry.

As mentioned in our “About” Page, this year marks the launch of a complete line of personalized products. Beyond clothing, cosmetics, consumer electronics & apps and other logical products, will be a very personal line of electric cars, convertibles with new solar collection technology built into the convertible top. These cars will have models whose key design features are selected by the Marketing Campaign Models and will actually be named for them.

This kind of personal touch is what we’re trying to introduce across the entire spectrum of products and services. Including the New Commerce & Transport.



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