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Dinamic Lon Technology


On this page, we offer you to get acquainted with the conceptually new technology – Kinetic Lover Signal ( Динамик-Лон-Сигнал ) – one of the activities of the company Germes-Trans.Com, engaged in international cargo transportation.

The tool deserves its attention as the construction industry, urban household services, improvement workers and primarily their managers to track, evaluate and achieve the necessary performance indicators, investments, labor inputs and constant evaluation for the financial component of the cost price and the profit for the work that includes in the majority of reports on construction, the erection of residential buildings, in particular communal services for the cleaning of ice, installation work with the help of ck binding products and so on – all this with the help of a tool using DLS technology can be tracked straight from the office.

Few comments & specifications of Dinamic Lon Technology

Tracking of work, according to which the following indicators can be viewed and analyzed in the figures displayed on the supervisor’s monitor after the introduction of KLS Technology:

Total number of strokes of each instrument
Number of beats per minute
Overall value of the performed actions of all instruments
The maximum and minimum value of their use
The average value of their actions
Graph for each or the total number of instruments
Total number of tools when using them
Number of tools used per shift
Timetable for using the tool by time and date
and etc.
The development is primarily aimed not only at improving the efficiency of workers using manual, progressive, kinetic manual, electric diesel or gasoline equipment such as scrap, hammer, ground or asphalt rammer and the like, but also introducing manual tools and reasonable payment.

This technology is a tool that is produced with a supplement in its dimensions that does not disrupt the appearance and characteristics of the instrument, comparable to a tablet and easily traces the work of the above kinetic tool in the course of work by means of a radio signal coming from the tool directly to the management of the enterprise or company.


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