BRICS and The New Bretton Woods

What a difference a Summit makes.

A year ago the biggest question about the BRICS Union was how much longer it could hold together before what seemed like an inevitable dismantling. Since the Summit in China the big question has become how soon will it be before we see a second Global Economic System.

A year ago there appeared to be little hope BRICS would ever be more than a weak discussion forum of Emerging Economies. Today it has the potential to split half the World’s Population away from the System created at Bretton Woods, including the International Monetary Fund.

Led by China, BRICS is positioning itself to be the new Alliance of Choice for Countries from Mexico to Myanmar for Economic Development to Reserve and Exchange Currency. BRICS is forming a new Global Economy to directly compete with the current US Dollar-dominated one.

The expression “This changes everything” is so over-used it’s worn out. But here, it truly applies.



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  1. looking from the side of the transport company I do not know what China planned with this briks – it seems like the dollar is still a stable currency. It seems to me that this will all come because there will be an inflated bubble of the money supply

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