Brick & Mortar Storefronts

It’s no secret that many of the biggest names in Retail are facing tremendous financial problems. Some cannot keep relationships with Suppliers, while others are closing stores in an effort to stay ahead of financial meltdown.

With a Global Sales & Marketing Force, Manufacturing and over 85,000 of our own Products, the next step after securing Transport Services is Brick & Mortar Storefronts. We’ll be dedicating much of our effort in 2018 at purchasing Retail Businesses and acquiring Storefronts. First in North America and then throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific.

That will make us the World’s only complete Commerce Corporation operating Worldwide. Complete with our own Television and Radio Networks as part of our Content Marketing, as well as personalized Manufacturing. Our OEM Services will allow us to provide custom products for groups as small as 20. So Youth Sports, Community Clubs, Small Businesses or even Extended Families can have their own Brand for everything from Consumer Electronics to Sporting Goods to Clothing.

They’ll even be able to walk into a store and order personal products as they fill their carts.

Noone else can offer this range of products and Services.



Border Custom Container Service | Germes-Trans.Com

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