Russian custom — The Process of Import Customs Clearance

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Russian custom — The Process of Import Customs Clearance

What goes on during the Russian custom clearance of import cargo depends on how well the descriptions of cargo were previously. On many occasions an importer isn’t fully able to describe the type of cargo that they’re carrying. As a result they issue a document called a bill of sight, which is then passed to the Rusian custom and excise authorities.

Moving on Through Russian Custom

Assuming that a bill of sight for a piece of custom clearance import cargo was issued, the authorities will then be empowered to inspect the goods as soon as they land. If the previous description was deemed to be acceptable they might not spend too much time going through these various inspections, but the customs personnel are generally authorized to look over the material held within the cargo containers.

Import Rusaian Custom Clearance


Just how long the import customs clearance process will take depends on the country doing the inspection and the size of the cargo. Sometimes the authorities will feel that a special case warrants the need to call for an expert, which can bog down the process. Generally anything that appears to be suspicious or unusual will call for further inspection, and the authorities will also balk at anything that wasn’t correctly labeled. While they check the goods they’ll also check custom clearance import documents as well. There could be some trouble if there were outstanding taxes that need to be paid at this point or if there were any excise fees that someone tried to skirt around.

Finishing the Process of Import Customs Clearance — Russian Custom

Provided that the inspections all check out the customs clearance of import cargo should be over and the material will be allowed to move on through the usual transport networks. They might move to a warehouse or other storage facility before being sent on their way to their final destination. For financial reasons that are actually unrelated to the Russian custom process some goods may be held in escrow or held up because of some other type of contract. Working with a professional representative broker who also has connections to logistics and freight systems can be very helpful with this aspect of the process.

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