Author: Leanne

Commentator on Sports, Business and the Economy. Creator of the Illumine Project for Global Economic Development.TV and Radio Show Host

Russia and the World

When Alexey asked me to help rebuild Germes, I didn’t hesitate. It’s a Company that should be proud of its history. Now it is becoming a Global Force and the future of Germes has never been brighter. My own product transactions tops 2 billion a year and growing with no end in sight. Germes was […]

The New Marketplace

Our new Marketplace is now running. Anyone can now open their own Storefront right here. So what are the advantages? To begin with, Germes-Trans is a Transport, Shipping, Distribution, Logistics, Customs, Border Services and Logistics Company. That puts us in the best position to get Products where they need to be, when they need to […]

Transport Value-Add and More

The New Germes-Trans has a single goal in mind. To be one-stop shopping for Businesses that rely on the Transport of Goods and Services. in many parts of the World moving Goods and Services around is costly and difficult. Even in the most developed Markets, the ultra-fast paced and ever-changing Competitive Market have both exposed […]

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