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To New Beginnings

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I’ve known Alex for numerous years. I’ve watched him work hard to make Germes a Global Leader in the Shipping, Transport and Associated Services Industry. And more. Most of you have no way of knowing this, but Alexsey has an enormous heart. Always ready to jump in to help out a worthy cause when there’s […]

Personals By Brandi

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We’re launching a whole new world for individual and institutional shopping…Personals By Brandi. The Personals By Brandi line takes full advantage of our unmatched global resources and capabilities to transform Commerce. From cosmetics to cars. It’s not just personalized. It’s personal. Personal care every step of the way. With our Personals By Brandi line of […]

Fleet Expansion And Other New Developments

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Between the commitment to help rebuild in the devastated Caribbean Islands and the demands for distribution of our growing product Lines, a quick expansion of our fleets is needed. this includes both cargo ships and aircraft. For this year, we’re doing this with used equipment, which happens to be available at good rates. We’re buying […]

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