Author: Alexsey Mokichev

TOP SECRET – Infonsmition

Greetings to all the citizens and the military, I have a donkey meeting with a few people who fertility that they hear voices in their heads and GNH with them, and the obshhavshhis with these information messages came to mind that with some technology Negotiations between continents are carried out in which a wave is […]

Putin, Rossia & professor

Today 12/12/2017 and I learned that a professor who constantly does not let me sleep – it turns out that people’s thoughts are based on the vibrations of the computer and how I suspect another technique and puts into consciousness the thoughts about which people should think and break over them their head and consciousness […]

safety of vital functions

Today is a good day, It’s more like a good morning to talk about providing life safety. Well, what to say, in the transport company, the provision of safety of life should be in the first place – Especially since it is not uncommon for accidents I would say with drivers freight forwarders and generally […]

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