Kashmar in my live


Greetings, I want to share one unpleasant news with all Internet users (if they can of course hear me) – I’ve been living in Russia for thirty-eight years and have never had any serious problems with health, but here you are! It happened about five years ago when I was at home in an apartment in the city of St. Petersburg and took a bath and then the beginning can be described only by the stunning word Kashmar (which, by the way, is already written in the Internet some users, and according to statistics from the vortstate on yandex already more than ten thousand people suffer such ailment).


I’m talking about the effect that when you’re away from any media devices or other devices that reproduce human speech or a melody, report any informative narrative materials – you sound some discomfort, and sometimes even a burning and jerking or cramps all over the body, as well as you can pain painful and very strong effects on your body bloom up to what you think is already dying. So it started as I said about five years ago and I heard someone start near me (although I was in my bathroom and was taking water procedures) my narrative speech about the fact that this is a couple of men and women and they were just next to me and decided to talk to me about all sorts of trivia .. After this stunning meeting with such a phenomenon, I figured all the pros and cons and adequately weighed my chances of sanity and adequacy of perception of information and the environment – which led me to the fact that I am absolutely soberly oshu Ayu and I can reason with reason, but after that, without any gaps or pauses for a day or night, breakfast, lunch or dinner, I began to feel more and more clearly and clearly the same media that frankly said all the nonsense, but after a short time confusion, I still decided to check in a psychiatric hospital, where I visited twice already.


For the first time I called an ambulance after a lengthy pre-emption of various timbres and shades of voice and decided to check in my district psychiatric hospital, where I lay for about two and a half weeks, but for a brief break, when I felt the same influences that drove me crazy and had a psychological effect on me – I had to get a little sleep, just as I had to call 03 and just went to the same hospital again at night, where I stayed for about two and a half months. Now I am assuming various kinds of vibrations all over my body and getting myself unwillingly for various information, or as I would call them gossip about high-ranking Russian officials, and having analyzed all the statements in which such a solo prevail as “substituting” I came to the conclusion that my personality lead to some kind of a case that develops in a given territory. In addition, I hear that in this territory there are some military actions or incidents, which of course, can scare everyone.


At the moment after submitting applications to the police (or as it is now commonly called the police), I came to the idea that it is necessary to leave this country as soon as possible in order to preserve not only health, but life as well. If someone can hear me – know I in no way belong to any gangster group or illegal cases, not only state property and ordinary civilians, tk. I have been unemployed for more than five years already and I receive income from the delivery of my apartment. But I am being forced to leave this country and I understand that I can not protect my rights. If someone reads this text, you should know that it’s better to leave the country immediately when you start to feel such effects on yourself. They say that it’s better to immediately apply to the consulate of the country which is located abroad of Russia. In my opinion, there is a gang of scammers that uses banned equipment to achieve its goals and control the human mind without its consent. Who sell a person into slavery and are possibly tied up with state employees.




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