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            The company Germes-Trans.com LLC, takes its history from the founding of a small company of fifteen people in 2005 in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia its the founder of Mokichev Alexei Valeryevich to provide such services as:

– transport logistics, international container and road transport

– port forwarding

– customs clearance in the zone of the Baltic and St. Petersburg customs

– internal transportation, obtaining certificates and other permits

– confirmation of customs preferences and prices

           And rendered all of the above services from the beginning of its foundation until 2007 with an average monthly turnover of two hundred TEUS, including dry and refrigerated containers and TIR of a variety of goods, including:

– furniture fittings, auto accessories (alarms, acoustics, sirens)

– fat and oil products, hardware

– metal pipes

– fruit (apples, pears, tangerines, pomelo, oranges, grapefruit, grapes)

– nuts, accessories for kitchens

– ceramic tile, building and finishing goods

– chemical materials. and other types of goods



But after its existence was questioned on the basis of the economic result and the absence of an automated management system in the enterprise after several months of thinking by the management of the company whether the process of managing the company is possible without automating all business processes: from receiving an application from the site from potential customers to managing the rates , correspondence and monitoring of the quality of personnel communication with customers through telecommunication channels with all the following regulatory measures came to temporary suspension of its activities and at the end of 2017, having reconsidered the current situation, on the wave of a new approach to its activities, the founder began to implement this project with the help of new relations and efforts, applying a new approach to his activities.

At the moment the company has founded its electronic platform with a new business partner:

“Personals By Brandi” – a complete line of personal products from clothing and cosmetics to electric convertibles. It’s all about personal style. The designer of touch and personal hygiene at every purchase, which you can read about from ads in the near future

And now more than a million people including Germes-Trans.com and its associated groups indicated on this electronic platform are ready to lead transport and related services in the next generation.


Due to experience, which varies from customs and cross-border distribution to shipping and logistics, Germes-Trans.сom can deliver … everywhere and on time. The company’s updated website is launched to promote the transportation industry and as changing requirements necessitate other additional needs such as:

– Mass media, Sales and Marketing

– Development of design, Production

– Systems and management and data storage, After Sales Support


Germes-Trans.Com is structured to provide services with any needs in any country of the world, it is a structure with Double headquarters in St. Petersburg, Russia and St. Petersburg, Florida, United States of America, with personnel and resources in more than 200 countries and territories of the world from now on is ready to render services to all business partners in today’s challenging competitive market conditions.

Germes-Trans.com is the company where you are always welcome.

Germes-Trans.Com Russia branch adress:

22, Nevsky, Saint-Petersburg, Russa

Germes-Trans.Com Florida Branch adress:

Saint-Petersburg, Florida, USA

Email: info@germes-trans.com


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