About Germes-Trans

Over one million strong, Germes-Trans and its Associated Companies is poised to lead Transport into the next generation.

With expertise that ranges from Customs and Cross-Border Distribution to Shipping and Logistics, Germes-Trans can deliver…anywhere and on time. The New Germes-Trans is staged to bring the Industry forward as changing demands make for a need for the added capabilities others in the Industry cannot equal.

These include:


–Sales & Marketing

–Design & Development


–Systems and Data Management

–Customer Support Services

Germes-Trans can help any Business excel in today’s competitive Global Markets. With personnel and resources in over 200 Countries and Territories, Germes-Trans is where you need us to be.

Dual Headquartered in the Sister Cities of St Petersburg, Russia and St Petersburg, Florida, Germes-Trans is structured to take on any requirement in any Country.

Special Announcement For 2018:

Personals By Brandi
–A complete line of personal products from clothing and cosmetics to electric convertibles. It’s all about personal style. Designer touches and personal care with every purchase. Watch for our Ads coming soon.