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Greetings, I want to share one unpleasant news with all Internet users (if they can of course hear me) – I’ve been living in Russia for thirty-eight years and have never had any serious problems with health, but here you are! It happened about five years ago when I was at home in an apartment […]

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Germes-Trans.company with new partners


I would like to all welcome today to write this post in connection with the opening of the Germes-Trans.com website, which is being reopened thanks to the fact that I found partners abroad who gave me hope that this company could be re-energized for work in the Russian Federation. As far as I see the […]

Electric Lever – DLS Technology

On this page, we offer you to get acquainted with the conceptually new technology – Kinetic Lover Signal ( Динамик-Лон-Сигнал ) – one of the activities of the company Germes-Trans.Com, engaged in international cargo transportation. The tool deserves its attention as the construction industry, urban household services, improvement workers and primarily their managers to track, […]

Jehovah witnesses

Greetings to all, today, faced with one problem that almost brought me to a state of psychological exhaustion and moral exhaustion, I decided that it was necessary to publish this post, especially since different signals from the media are coming from information about the media that it is impossible not to comment or fear, because […]

Gulag Archipelago

Greetings to all readers, As always I am engaged in development and I think about my project – the international transport company Germes-Trans.Com for cargo transportation, but I periodically shudder at some information from which there is no place to hide – the one from which does not come the desire to calmly rest and […]

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