the Best Russia Import Agencty the Best Russia Import Agencty

Germes- is a reliable name in the shipping business. This company is the perfect selection for importing goods and transporting scrap material. is quite popular for the customs clearance service. This company is reliable and licensed custom house agents based in Russia. has got well defined polices and is well aware of all the procedures related to Russia custom clearance. The hallmark of is the fast turnaround time and this company ensures that they deliver fast and reliable services to you. Let us look into more details about so that you can hire this shipping company with confidence.

Best Russia Import Agencty

Germes-Trans Customs Agent Pre-Requisites

When you are making a booking for metal scrap shipping then it is essential to sign the indemnity letter. This letter contains important clauses that refer to any additional costs or risks that may occur due to improper filling and loading. You need to be on the site till the completion of all the container clearance processes. You have to follow the instructions to the core that have been put forward by so that the shipping takes place in a safe way. This company follows set rules and regulations of shipping. This is why is the best Expedition service in Russia. is also delivering its services as amazon cargo border custom clearance.

Germes-Trans Transporter Services offers a range of service. Some of the main services are just listed below

  • Germes is well aware of the custom schemes and helps the customers in the import and export clearance services.
  • This company is working in collaboration with many different metal scrap businesses. Germes has been serving as the Amazon container forwarder as well.
  • Germes will provide the container drayage.
  • This company handles the in-land transloading, in-land rail movement, in-land long distance trucking, door to port container movement, port to port container movement and ocean container booking for the scrap export.


Germes Trans has its edge over its counterparts and following are the reasons.

  • The company ensures that it cooperates with the customers in the best possible way.
  • All the members are hard-working and can easily take charge of the clearance process.
  • The prime goal is to acquire customer satisfaction by providing top quality service.
  • It is quite essential to communicate the right information to the clients. gives the accurate legal and technical information to the clients.
  • Most of the team members are quite experienced regarding customs clearance service and thus they are in a position to guide the customer correctly. The most important thing to know is that the procedures of custom clearance can turn out to be quite complicated and time consuming. If you really want to save up on your time then Germes will not let you down and will offer the best possible cooperation in this regard.
  • Germes-Trans ensure that it follows your requirements and tight delivery timelines.
  • Another key quality about is that they have got affordable rates so this company will not be beyond your range at all and become the best line to Russia market.
  • All the team members are quite cooperative and want to satisfy the customers with the quality job.
  • Germes will help you save your taxes that you may have to pay on the imports.

Germes Trans russian traductor payment procedure

The payment completely depends upon the weight of the recyclable metal. You may need to make some upfront payment as well. You need to bring the metal scrap to the company’s yard and you can make the payment for the job right away.

Germes Trans customs agent reliable collaborations

Germes Trans holds a prominent position as an Expedition service in Russia and has several trusted partners as well. is one of the key collaborators of Germes This is why Germes has been able to improve its business with the passage of time and has been able to provide quality services to the clients.

Requirements to be fulfilled by Russia broker Germes

Germes custom clearance service has to fulfill the following requirements so that goods can be transported to another country without any issue.

  • The red documents need to be shown when the clearance of goods is taking place.
  • The company has to ensure that tax is paid for the goods that require custom duties to be fulfilled before they leave the premises.
  • It is the duty of customs clearance service to ensure the type of goods that can be transported and the goods that require a special permit for the transportation. This way the customers can be saved from any hassle.
  • It is also the duty of the customs clearance service to inform the customers about any particular violations. For example, the goods that are conveyed across custom border need to be declared. Germes is liable to give all this information to the customers so that they can be saved from all sorts of inconvenience that may occur during the custom clearance service.
  • The customers also need to be told that price and quantity of goods completely depend upon the type of goods that are being transported.

Professional ethics of Germes

This company has significantly worked upon refining its procedure to facilitate ease to the customers. The workforce is well trained for the job. The company has transparent policies. The customs clearance service offered by Germes is much superior to its counterparts.

Whenever you need the best company to ship your metal scrap make sure that Germes is your choice. The best approach is to fix in a meeting with this company. You can even ring them and put forward your queries. The company ensures that it answers all your queries in the best possible way. It is guaranteed that once you have experienced the expertise of Germes then no other company will be your preference at all. Make sure that you do not miss out on this company at all.