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bOrder custom container service property information

Kashmar in my live   Greetings, I want to share one unpleasant news with all Internet users (if they can of course hear me) – I’ve been living in Russia for thirty-eight years and have never had any serious problems with health, but here you are! It happened about five years ago when I was […]

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Germes-Trans.company with new partners

TransSPOrt comapny border custom container service germes-trans.com

I would like to all welcome today to write this post in connection with the opening of the Germes-Trans.com website, which is being reopened thanks to the fact that I found partners abroad who gave me hope that this company could be re-energized for work in the Russian Federation. As far as I see the […]

looking for programmers & jurists

alt: transport company feel

We`re looking for programmers & jurists, to develope a projects. Pls contact to present information:   Ищем программистов и юристов для разработки и внедрения  проектов. Обращайтесь по указанным ниже контактам.   e-mail: info@germes-trans.com Cell: +7.981.858.49.22 ( 09:00 – 18:00 Мск )   With Best rgds Border Custom Container Service | Germes-Trans Com      

Compact Post Service

transport company BORDER CUSTOM CONTAINER SERVICE border limit

Compact Post Service Launch   Professional Transport Broker launch Compact Post Service We at the Germes-Trans Company are here to provide you with the best transport brokers available launch Compact post service to let everyone can be near together.     Transport Broker & Compact post service The fact is that with international or inter-provincial […]

Statement to Oktjaborsky court of law & business in Russia

Alt: Coulr of law cover 19 04 2018 Mokichev A Germes-Trans com

Russian history about how an ordinary person from transport business tries to assert his rights in the Russian reality.   Here is one not particularly respectable story that smacks of absolutely abominable shit about how an ordinary person is trying to defend his rights in the Russian Federation and thinking about why a Russian does […]

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