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The Two St Petersburgs

St Petersburg, Russia and St Petersburg, Florida are “Sister Cities”. They are also two big cities for Germes-Trans. Long based in St Petersburg, Russia, Global Marketing and Support Services, along with all Financial Services and Transactions will now be based in St Petersburg, Florida. Operations support will be in Houston and Florida. Most Marketing in […]

TOP SECRET – Infonsmition

Greetings to all the citizens and the military, I have a donkey meeting with a few people who fertility that they hear voices in their heads and GNH with them, and the obshhavshhis with these information messages came to mind that with some technology Negotiations between continents are carried out in which a wave is […]

Putin, Rossia & professor

Today 12/12/2017 and I learned that a professor who constantly does not let me sleep – it turns out that people’s thoughts are based on the vibrations of the computer and how I suspect another technique and puts into consciousness the thoughts about which people should think and break over them their head and consciousness […]

The New Marketplace

Our new Marketplace is now running. Anyone can now open their own Storefront right here. So what are the advantages? To begin with, Germes-Trans is a Transport, Shipping, Distribution, Logistics, Customs, Border Services and Logistics Company. That puts us in the best position to get Products where they need to be, when they need to […]

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